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Courtney, On the Way Up

(the future) “I’m Courtney and I also go by Coco J. My hopes and dreams are to become a world-renowned actor and singer. I've been singing all my life, and I know that's what I want to do with my life. Acting came second, but I fell just as much in love with acting as I did with music. I want to inspire young artists as so many did for me.


I am interested in comedy films. I’m a serious actor too. I want to be seen equally for music and my acting. I don't want one to be greater than the other. I just released my first single, and I'm just still in the spirit. I'm really just trying to get everything out there. I’m focusing and I’m working hard and I’m hoping one day it will pay off.


This election was my first time voting and I honestly feel very empowered because as the last election in 2016, I felt so weak. We all knew what the possible outcomes were and so many young people wanted Hillary Clinton to win, but a lot of young people were not able to vote. It was hard. But now that you know, we're old enough, this election just feels like we're free.


I know that we're going to be in a better place for America. I know that this new president and vice-president will be on our side. They're here for young African Americans, young people of color, everyone. And I'm just really excited to see where America is going to go.”

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